Student projects

We can offer shorter or longer projects for special courses, bachelor or master projects. Please contact us for further information.

General introduction to the projects


The future demand of controlling, measuring and manipulating matter requires access to ultra-short femtosecond pulses. With such pulses one can perform extreme nonlinear optics experiments, challenging the current understanding of physics. We seek to develop a simple method for generating ultra-short fs laser pulses in the visible (λ=380-750 nm) and near-infrared (λ=750-1400 nm) regimes. The pulses must be generated with low-cost and stable equipment, using high-power fiber lasers as source and a single quadratic nonlinear crystal as compression medium. Read more here.


Concrete project proposals


Currently a physics project (fagprojekt) is offered by us, see here for more information.  


Other proposed projects


The following is a list over proposed projects that build on the general form explained in the introduction. For more detailed information about the projects see here.

  1. Using nonlocal theory for understanding soliton dynamics from cascaded quadratic nonlinearities
  2. Cascaded quadratic soliton compression of femtosecond fiber lasers
  3. Controlling group-velocity mismatch to optimize cascaded quadratic interaction of ultra-short fs pulses
  4. Dispersive waves in cascaded quadratic soliton compression
  5. Adiabatic compression in chirped quasi-phase matched nonlinear crystals
  6. Cascaded quadratic nonlinearities in waveguides
  7. Spatio-temporal dynamics in cascaded quadratic soliton compression of fs pulses in bulk media
  8. Soliton compressors using silica nanowires