Marie Curie proposal accepted

Two Marie Curie proposals has received good reviews, and currently one has passed to the negotiation phase while the other is on the waiting list.

A Marie Curie proposal with Dr. Xianglong Zeng as fellow and Dr. Morten Bache as scientist in charge has passed the threshold in competition with more than 1000 other projects, and is now in the contract negotiation phase. The project “COPULCO: Cascaded Optical Pulse Compressor” is an Incoming International Fellowship with 24 months at DTU Fotonik and a return phase of 12 months at Shanghai University, where Dr. Xianglong Zeng is currently an associate professor. The project will start later in 2010, and will focus on pulse compression experiments with quasi-phase matched quadratic nonlinear crystals. Dr. Zeng has previously worked experimentally with soliton compression in these types of crystals during a 3 year postdoc in University of Tokyo. There the focus was on compressing pulses in the telecommunication C-band, while the current project focuses on pulse compression in the near-IR and visible range with quasi-phase matching crystals.


Another Marie Curie with Morten Bache as scientist in charge has passed the threshold, but is currently on the waiting list for negotiations. This is an Intra-European Fellowship titled “UltraFAST: Ultra-short pulses from fiber laser systems” with fellow Dr. Laura Abrardi. The project focuses on experimental investigation of the ultra-fast dynamics behind soliton pulse compression with cascaded quadratic nonlinearities, with particular emphasis on its impact on compression of pulses from high-power pulsed fiber lasers.