New laboratory inaugurated



Minister Brian Mikkelsen (center) with Femto-VINIR project leader Morten Bache (far right).

In April 2010 our new amazing lab was finally inaugurated. The Danish Minister of Economy Brian Mikkelsen made a speech, and was presented the various experiments taking place surrounding our 35 fs mJ regenerative Ti:Sapphire amplifier laser system. This is the most powerful laser in the country, and the peak power of around 0.1 TeraWatt is on the order of the average power consumption of the entire New York State. The laboratory is custom designed to house the laser system, and the powerful laser can in parallel feed several experiments at once. Besides our activities on ultra-fast femtosecond pulse compression and frequency conversion using solitons, the other experiments range from supercontinuum generation to generation of broadband energetic THz pulses.